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Selected Compositions

Passage (2020-21)

String Quartet (43')

Commissioned by Richard Hyman

Together, This Journey (2019-20)

Orchestra (15')

Commissioned by the Seattle Symphony, Thomas Dausgaard, Music Director, as part of the 2020 Beethoven Festival celebrating the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth.

Memories from Within a Valley Fog (2019)

Piano Trio (10')

Commissioned by The Morsel Trio

Visions from an Unceasing Somnolence (2018-19)

Adapted Viola, Kithara II, Surrogate Kithara, Chromelodeon I, Diamond Marimba, Bass Marimba, Cloud-Chamber Bowls, Spoils of War (9')

for the Harry Partch Ensemble

Symmetries of Consciousness (2018)

Mezzo-Soprano and Viola (7')

Texts by Heather McHugh

Commissioned by Richard Hyman

The Antikythera Mechanism (2018)

Baritone Voice and Adapted Guitar I (7')

Text by Charles Corey

Concentric Bagatelles (2018)

Solo Violin (46')

Commissioned by Luke Fitzpatrick

Four Bagatelles (2018)

Solo Violin (15')

Courtship Dance of the Jungftak (2018)

2018 Young Virtuosos International Marin Goleminov Composers Composition third prize

Clarinet, Violin, Classical Guitar, Piano, Percussion (11')

Commissioned by Inverted Space

In Paradisum (2017)

Viola and Harmonic Canon (11')

Commissioned by Melia Watras

Come to Dust (2017)

Baritone Voice and Adapted Guitar I (7')

Text by William Shakespeare

Folding I (2017)

Fokker Organ (10')

Hemisphere (2015-16)

Four Timpani (one player) (14')

Tying the Gordian Knot (2015)

Clarinet and Bassoon (8')

Wring (2015)

Two Trumpets in C (2'30")


Gemini Shift (2014)

Vibraphone and Quartertone Vibraphone (5')

Commissioned by Devon Toyotomi

Written for Kjell Tore Innervik


Dialogue (2012)

Piano and Percussion (7')

Written for Christi Leigh Corey


Syzygy (2011)

String Quartet (18')


Excursions (2010)

Clarinet, Cello, and Percussion (20')


Cinqu (2010)

Flute, Tenor Trombone, Two Violins, Vibraphone, and Accordion (6')

Written for the Cecil Balmond exhibition, Carnegie Museum of Art


Refraction (2010)

Flute, Viola, and Contrabass (4'30")


Mirage (2010)

Orchestra (5')

Written for Roger Zahab


Dimensions (2009)

Flute, Violin, Cello, and Piano (11')


Short Stories for Cello (2009)

Solo Cello (12')


Arc 0.65Π (2009)

Solo Vibraphone (2')

Commissioned by Joe Bergen


Lost, Regained, Broken (2007)

Baritone Saxophone and Pre-recorded Electronic Sounds (15')

Written for John Brigante


Idiosyncrasies (2007)

Trumpet (and Optional Flugelhorn) and Five Percussionists (12')

Written for John Molloy


Colligation (2007)

Solo Baritone Saxophone (7')


Smoke & Mirrors (2006, rev. 2013)

Tenor Saxophone and Vibraphone (12')

Written for Ellis Jasenovic


Fugue (2006)

Percussion Quartet (2')


Fade (2006)

Orchestra (10')

Written for Paul Hostetter


Studies in Red (2006)

Solo Alto Saxophone (9')

Written for Christine Vadovszki


Rumination for Guitar (2006)

Solo Quarter-Tone Tuned Classical Guitar (12')

Written for Paul West


Origins (2005)

Bass Clarinet, Piano, and Percussion (12')

Written for Brendan Hughes

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